Monday, April 5, 2010

Day #21,656

Walk km 4225-4236: Science World to English Bay and return with the Meetup Group

Meetup group walking past the InukShuk
aprox km 4230 English Bay

Movie #1253 (#71 this year): Atom Age Vampire(1960,Anton Giulio Majano)

Franca Parisi

Worst movie ever made? Nope.
This copy was from the Internet Archives which guarantees poor visual quality. Also, it was dubbed into English and I cannot believe the original Italian dialogue could have been that bad. And then there's the genre: mad scientist. I may lead a very sheltered life but I gotta admit that I don't know a single mad scientist. Hard to relate.
Yes, the acting and directing is terrible but far from the all time worst.
Bonus: Sophia Loren lookalike Franca Parisi. Unfortunately, she gets killed off before the movie is half over and we're left with the plain looking Susanne Loret.

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