Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day #21,668

Walk km 4337-4343: 49th/Sophia/51st/Prince Edward/64th/Marine

Movie #1269 (#87 this year): The Wild Women Of Wongo(1958, James L Wolcott)

Looks like some retirees down in Florida must have had a few extra $ and so decided to make a movie. High school kids would be embarrassed to make something this inept. Of course, inept can have its charm.

Movie #1270 (#88 this year): Undercurrent(1946, Vincente Minnelli)

Quite a silly ending to an otherwise quite sensible movie.
Also, Katie Hepburn does have trouble with this role (or maybe I do) because it's impossible to imagine her being someone who is lacking confidence to the point of being ashasmed of herself. That's especially true after the early scenes which paint her as the usual self-confident person she usually plays.

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