Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day #21,666

Walk km 4316-4319: Burrard/seawalk/Denman/Robson
Walk km 4319-4323: Burrard/Cornwall/Walnut/Creelman/Arbutus/York/Maple

English Bay
aprox km 4320 from Burrard Bridge

Movie #1267 (#85 this year): Standing In The Shadows Of Motown(2002, Paul Justman)
I didn't even realize that all those Motown hits were done in two steps: the band lays down the backing track and then the singers come in later to add the vocals.
Interesting documentary - about what I was expecting.

Movie #1268 (#86 this year): Norman Is That You(1976, George Schlatter)

Awful. Like a 90 minute episode of a 70s sitcom. Except there ain't no "com" in this "sit".
Only recorded this one from TCM because Pearl Bailey is in it. Kinda acquired a taste for Pearl's singing of late. And wouldn't you know it: there's all kinds of crap music here (you remember the 70s don't you) but Pearlie Mae doesn't get to sing a single song.

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