Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day #21,664

Walk km 4299-4301: to the library
Walk km 4301-4307: Smithe/Cambie bridge/seawalk/Whyte/Maple

aprox km 4304 False Creek (from seawalk)

Movie #1265 (#83 this year):
Forrest Gump(1994, Robert Zemeckis)

This here's a fairytale. It's a fairytale about a man who is born crippled and stupid. However, because he's "pure of heart", he overcomes all obstacles and lives a full and rewarding life. Except they couldn't really make a screenplay about that so they had to add a few cheats: he runs really fast and has great reflexes. It's actually these two things that get him through life or at least puts him in a position where his fairytale can come true. Without that, he's probably some homeless guy living on the street. Nice idea but it doesn't wash.
On further reflection: I went for a walk after watching this movie and came up with two more reasons why I didn't like this movie. And they are two things that a person who is "pure of heart" would not do:
A) go to Vietnam to kill people (here his being a simpleton comes in handy)
B) tell a lie for $25,000 (even a simpleton would know this is wrong)

Book #290 (#14 this year): Dark Genius(2008, Kerwin Swint)

Read this book to find out a bit more about FoxNews as this is about the man who runs FoxNews, Roger Ailes. There is some stuff about FoxNews here but this is not a compelling read. Roger Ailes comes across as a rather boring fellow and Kerwin Swint comes across as a fellow who doesn't really have anything much to say but manages to stretch it out for 220 pages anyway.

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