Friday, April 23, 2010

Day #21,674

Walk km 4383-4389: Smithe/Richards/Nelson/Pacific/seawalk/Quebec/1st/park/seawalk/Spyglass/under Cambie bridge

Movie #1274 (#93 this year): The Gun Runners(1958, Don Siegel)

Run-of-the-mill B-movie from Don Siegel. Don was a veteran B-movie director who still had 13 years more to wait until he teamed up with Clint Eastwood for "Dirty Harry".
This was no Dirty Harry and Audie Murphy was no Clint Eastwood.

Movie #1275 (#94 this year): Arson Inc(1949, William Berke)

Kim Fowley's father

I enjoyed watching this picture but I'm not sure why. It was an absolutely horrible copy from the Internet Archives. The picture was so bad that it was more black & shiny rather than black & white. It could have given the picture a unique look that made it stand out from the other flix of its ilk. However, there were a number of goofy touches (like the final scene of granny trying to see into the locked room) that could have made the difference.
Kim Fowley's dad plays the bad guy.

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