Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day #21,671

Walk km 4361-4367: Robson/Seymour/Georgia/Beatty/Pender/Jackson/Keefer/Princess/Atlantic/Heatley/Pender/Campbell/Cordova/Vernon/Franklin/Clark

GO SLOW & school bus
aprox km 4364 Princess St

Movie Rewatch (#90 this year): Manpower(1941, Raoul Walsh)

Saw this one back in the 70s and I remember enjoying it. This time, the antics of Alan Hale and his mates left me cold. The main plot concerning Robinson, Dietrich and Raft is fine but it only takes up half the picture. The rest is filled with gags by the usual WB supporting cast. It's OK for awhile but it wears on ya until you just don't want to see any more of it.

Movie #1272 (#91 this year): Two Weeks To Live(1943, Malcolm St Clair)

Here's another radio comedy duo trying out their shtick on them thar movin' pictures. The Amos & Andy I watched a while back was pretty awful but this one ain't too bad. This here is Lum & Abner, a couple of hix from the stix in the big city. Chester Lauck (who plays Lum) looks and acts just like Buddy Ebsen in The Beverly Hillbillies. Reasonably funny although it does go onto a bit longer than it should.
Originaly released by "Post Pictures" but now available on the Internet Archives.

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