Friday, April 9, 2010

Day #21,660

Walk km 4260-4271: Science World to English Bay and return with the Meetup group (1262 calories)

km 4271 behind Science World

Calories: 2174 (7250 burnt - 5076 intake)

Movie #1260 (#78 this year): Teenagers From Outer Space(1959, Tom Graeff)

I first saw this one in a theatre in London, UK in 1981. I remember it as being quite entertaining but quite often when you see things many years later you wonder how in the world you could have enjoyed such juvenile trash. But not in this case. It's just as much fun today as it was 29 years ago. Why does IMDB rate it 32 (out of 100)?
Aliens from outer space bring lobsters to earth to graze. Seems they're too big and downright mean to raise on their own planet. But won't that endanger the humans of earth? The aliens don't care! Well, all except one alien who runs away, finds a female teen earthling to fall for and decides to fight against his own people in order to save earth (and his new girlfriend). How noble.
An added bonus is a very nice print of this. This one looks just like it must have at a drive-in in '59.

Movie #1261 (#79 this year): My Reputation(1946, Curtis Bernhardt)

I believe this is what they call a "woman's picture". No gangsters, no cowboys, no aliens from outer space. Just lots of crying. Oh, there's oodles of crying.
A chance to see another real pro at work: Barbara Stanwyck.

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