Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day #21,659

Walk km 4246-4250: to Sunrise Market (388 calories)
Walk km 4250-4260: 29th/Lillooet/Grandview/Rupert/park/Falaise/Mataplan/Dieppe/Haida/Falaisie/Worthington/22nd/Anzio/Mons/Falaisie/Dieppe Pl & Dr/Vimy/Mataplan/Skeena/Cornnett (1060 calories)

more plants
aprox km 4255 Haida @ Malta

Calories: 1392 (Burnt: 3718 Intake: 2326)

Movie #1259 (#77 is year): A Slight Case Of Murder(1938, LLoyd Bacon)

A very slight movie. A comedy without any real laughs in it. Comedy light. But it does have Edward G Robinson - always good to watch a master at work.

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