Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day #21,475

Walk km 5885-5887: to Safeway
Walk km 5887-5889: running errands
Walk km 5889-5896: seawalk from Science World to English Bay then down Denman

Movie #1408 (#212 this year): La Diagonale Du Fou(1984, Richard Dembo)

Heavy handed chess tournament picture. Chess grandmasters are known to be flakey but this stretches things a bit too far. Still, it's quite entertaining.
Michel Piccoli looks quite old here but it is now 24 years later and he's still around..... and still making movies!
While looking for info on this one I found out that this picture won an Oscar as best foreign film. Quite undeserved but that is pretty much par for Oscar.

Movie #1409 (#213 this year): Creature With The Atom Brain(1955, Edward L Cahn)

This was quite a treat from Crackle. These 1950s sci-fi mini-budget flicks usually are in terrible condition when viewed using cheap DVDs like Mill Creek. This copy is in beautiful condition. However, it's still the same amateur hour quality from the cast and crew. The grand finale with a whole passel of zombies running amok might well have been the inspiration for Night Of The Living Dead.

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