Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day #21,501

Walk km 6099-6107 (15,394 to go): Burrard/Cornwall/Cypress/2nd/Fir/1st/Pennyfarthing/Creekside/1st/Fir/7th/Granville/Smithe

Movie #1460 (#250 this year): City Limits(1934, William Nigh)

the acting Young sisters (Sally Blane on right)

Pretty much a run-of-the mill picture from Monogram. Rich fellow falls off a train and meets up with a couple of hobos who don't believe his story about being the president of the railroad. Same idea as "Sullivan's Travels" but not much is done with it here. Love interest Sally Blane was Loretta Young's sister.

Movie #1461 (#251 this year): The Local Bad Man(1932, Otto Brower)

goofy looking Hoot Gibson

Tonight it was a Sally Blane double feature. However, the main reason I wanted to watch this one was because it featured the famous cowboy star, Hoot Gibson. What were they thinking? Hoot Gibson was a short, goofy lookin' guy who fought like a sissy! This was what a cowboy star was supposed to act/look like in 1932? Yikes.
Hard to say if this movie was good or bad - it was entertaining for historical reasons but I doubt if anyone in 1932 thought much of it. It's the usual cowboy helping out a damsel in distress who is going to be taken advantage of by the local businessmen. Usually the local bad guy is the guy who owns the saloon but here it's the banker. And Sally Blane does get to show more gumption than the usual female victim. And Hoot has not one but two goofy sidekicks.

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