Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day #21,487

Walk km 5999-6001: to Safeway
Walk km 6001-6012: 33rd/Highbury/Marine/Olympic/bridle trail/Marine/Crown/bridle trail/Carrington/53rd/MacDonald/Marine/Glendalough/Marine/Dunbar
Walk km 6012-6014: to Safeway

3 Nissan Figaros
aprox km 6000 Highbury Street

Movie #1431 (#229 this year): Jail Bait(1954, Ed Wood Jr)

Timothy Farrell's "luxury" digs

Really really bad. Maybe not as funny as Plan 9 since you can't get quite as kooky with a crime drama as with sci-fi. It's still pretty kooky.
My favourite part was where the gangster tells his moll about how lucky she is to be with him: just look around at all this luxury. The problem is, the set is a bare-bones apartment. Later, the moll says the same thing... and they're still in the bare-bones apartment. Did Ed think that they could afford a fancy set and when the deal fell through he forgot to change the dialogue? It's bad enough that Ed had to shoot on such a crappy set but to have his own characters in the movie actually point it out to the audience..... that's cruel.

Movie #1432 (#230 this year): Bachelor Bait(1934, George Stevens)

Rochelle Hudson (looking very colourful)

It's a double feature of "Bait" movies. There really couldn't possibly be a greater disparity between the directors: Ed Wood was from the lowest level of skid row while George Stevens was part of Hollywood royalty.
In this one we meet Stuart Erwin again (last seen in "Mr Boggs Steps Out"). Once again he's a naive/nervous sort that most of the audience can relate to. Playing the love interest is Rochelle Hudson who is again as cute as a button. Pleasant little picture but it's no "Jail Bait".

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