Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day #21,482

Walk km 5952-5964: to and around Stanley Park
Walk km 5964-5965: to Burrard Station

Movie #1420 (#222 this year): The Housemaid(1960, Ki-young Kim)

oh boy, another bowl of rat poison soup!

My first movie from MUBI. This one is the product of a restoration project backed by Martin Scorsese.
This is a melodrama that goes way over the top. Superior direction. This Kim fellow would appear to be the Korean Alfred Hitchcock. In fact, he is so good that maybe Alfred Hitchcock is the English Ki-young Kim!
This is available free-of-charge from MUBI: miss it at your peril.

Movie #1422 (#223 this year): Lions Love(1969, Agnes Varda)

110 minutes of nonsense. Well, maybe 108. In the end, the star (Viva) says that she is sick of making these movies. She says she just wants to breath for awhile. And that's the end of the movie: Viva breathing. And her breathing IS the best part of the movie.

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