Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day #21,486

Walk km 5988-5999: Quesnel/Mackenzie/47th/MacDonald/53rd/Camarvon/51st/Blenheim/river walk/Deering Island Pl/Deeting Island Park/bridle path/Wallace/Highbury/41st

branch of the Fraser River
aprox km 5995 Deering Island

Movie #1426 (#227 this year): The Devil's Sleep(1949, W Merle Connell)

You never know when you're gonna come across a classic. This was one of the 100 movies in MillCreek's "Tales Of Horror". It's a "horror" all right: you'll scream in horror at the amazingly wooden acting. Watch as the director just points the camera and gets people to read lines. Or watch as he points the camera and women begin taking off some (this was the 40s) of their clothes.
From the same producer who brought you "Glen Or Glenda" and starring Timothy Farrell who was to go on to "act" in many of the Ed Wood epics.
It's like a traffic accident: it's horrible and you know you shoudn't watch but you just can't help yourself.

Movie #1427 (#228 this year): Agua(2006, Veronica Chen)

An interesting double feature this evening. "Aqua" is by far the better movie. Well directed and well acted but the script is pretty weak. On the other hand "The Devil's Sleep" was just dismal in every regard. But of the two, "The Devil's Sleep" was much the "better" movie. Better because of the real story behind the movie. A group of people with no talent whatsoever trying to make a living in Hollywood. Making a movie about drugs and sex (in 1949!) so that somebody would go and see it so they could make a few dollars. The people who made "Agua" are all highly skilled professionals who know how to make a movie. Yet their movie was useless. Watching it, I didn't care about these characters at all. And I didn't care about the people who made it either. Competance is boring.

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