Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day #21,496

Walk km 6069-6079: to Beaver Lake

Ravine Trail
aprox km 6074 Stanley Park

Book #336 (#37 this year): Flashfire(2000, Donald E Westlake)

Another of the Westlake books written under his Richard Stark pen name.
In this one, Parker runs into the 21st century. The "honour among thieves" code seems to be lost on Parker's co-bankrobbers as they take off with his cut of the robbery. They're not stealing it. No. They just need the funds for their next heist. Of course, they invite Parker along but he declines. So they take his money and tell him he'll get it back (with interest) after the next job. They don't think it's a big deal really. Just borrowing the money for awhile. But Parker is old school. You take someone's money, you're gonna pay for it.
In fact, lots of people have to pay. Page by page, the body count keeps increasing.

Movie #1447 (#244 this year): Big Leaguer(Robert Aldrich, 1953)

Not every great director can start with a "Citizen Kane". Robert "The Big Knife" Aldrich gets to direct the story of the New York Giants tryout camp. All the usual cliches are present.

Movie #1448 (#245 this year): Slumming(Michael Glawogger, 2006)

The story of two jerks who do just as they please. One can do it because he is filthy rich and the other can do it because he is dirt poor. One day the first jerk finds the second jerk passed out on a bench in Vienna so he puts him in the trunk of his car and drops him off on a bench in Znojmo (Czech Republic). This sets in motion a bunch of plot twists that are somewhat amusing.

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