Friday, October 22, 2010

Day #21,492

Walk km 6039-6042: to the Safeway

Movie #1442 (#239 this year): Anatomy Of A Psycho(1961, Boris Petroff)

When you're feeling under-the-weather you want a movie that won't cause any undue pressure on the cranium due to convoluted plot twists. Anatomy Of A Psycho was custom made for times like this. Straightforward revenge tale about a guy out for revenge when his brother fries in the electric chair. A fair entertainment.
This movie is available for viewing on the Internet Archives.

Movie #1443 (#240 this year): Hats Off(1936, Boris Petroff)

Mae Clarke

This has been one of the rarest of movie schedulings: the Boris Petroff double feature. And it's quite a change from Anatomy of A Psycho. What we have here is a perky semi-musical which shows that Mr Petroff had more talent than he displayed 25 years later in Anatomy Of A Psycho. Could it have been the name? I guess he could get away with having the name Boris Petroff in 1930s America but not 1950s America. In fact, his later work was done under the name "Brooke Peters". There's probably a story there.
Anyway, for a musical and a "Grand National" picture, this is quite entertaining. Mae Clarke turns out to be quite charming and the rest of the cast is stocked with the "A" list of Hollywood's character actors.
Trivia: This was Sam Fuller's first job in Hollywood (screenplay).

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