Monday, October 18, 2010

Day #21,488

Walk km 6014-6017: to T&T
Walk km 6017-6026: to 2nd Beach & 3rd Beach

Movie #1433 (#231 this year): The Savage Girl (1932, Harry L Fraser)

I don't think we need take this one too seriously. When our hero is captured by natives in the jungle of deepest darkest Africa, his fellow expeditionaries come to his a taxi!
Two back-to-back Rochelle Hudsons. Unfortunately, in this one she's a jungle goddess so she has no dialogue. This one's only of interest to scholars of obscure Hollywood.

Movie #1434 (#232 this year): Alien Zone (1978, Sharron Miller)
A bunch of Twilight Zonian tales bundled together. Nothing special.

Movie #1435 (#233 this year): Someone Else's Happiness (2005, Fien Troch)

Excellent drama of hit-and-run driver and all the people that are affected by his actions. I had a little trouble identifying who was who: the policeman who is called to the scene turns out to be the father of the dead child and the housekeeper for the witness turns out to be the mother of the dead child. Still don't know who the guy was who decided to pin the rap on an innocent guy with mental problems.

Movie #1436 (#234 this year): Hold That Woman (1940, Sam Newfield)

James Dunn is a repoman in this breezy PRC comedy. Despite being #4 in a quadruplefeature, this one kept my attention all the way through.
Dunn both buys a house and gets married during the same afternoon because he figures that once he reposseses the radio he's after, he'll be in good with the boss. Musta been quite the radio.

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