Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day #21,489

Movie #1437 (#235 this year): Two Dollar Bettor(1951, Edward L Cahn)

Cautionary tale about betting the horses. It will start with one $2 bet but soon you'll be hooked, you'll lose your life savings, you'll steal more to keep going, you'll turn to murder and then you die!
Gee, I don't think I'll ever bet on a horse again. They had one thing wrong: the loser flies to New Orleans to bet $1000 on a 7/1 horse because he needs $7,000. A bet of that size would drop the odds to 1/1 and he'd only win about $1000. The scriptwriters didn't understand para-mutual wagering (or they didn't care).
I enjoyed this movie because I used to bet the horses but the IMDB rating is 6.9 so it seems everyone liked this movie.

Movie #1438 (#236 this year): Bashing (2005, Masahiro Kobayashi)

An aid worker returning from the middle-east (where she was taken hostage)is hounded for what she did. That's the problem with this picture: what did she do and why are people so outraged by it? A poster on IMDB explains that in Japan you must always conform - individuality is not allowed. The Japanese government warned about going to this part of the world but she went anyway... and then she was taken hostage which embarrassed the whole country.
If this is true, Japan is in one sorry state. However, I don't believe it is true. Since this movie was made by Japanese and is sympathetic to her plight, that seems to refute their own contention.

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