Monday, October 25, 2010

Day #21.495

Walk km 6058-6060: to the library
Walk km 6060-6064: to Denman@Georgia/(bus)/Pender@Abbott to Main Street Station
Walk km 6064-6069: Thurlow/Georgia/Cambie/Pacific/Beach

Movie #1446 (#243 this year):
Jigsaw(1949, Fletcher Markle)

Here's one I'd love to see a good copy of. This one is courtesy the Internet Archives.
Right-wing extremists called The Crusaders are trying to take over the hearts and minds of America. And they're doing it but eliminating anyone who gets in their way. Franchote Tone is the D.A. out to stop them.
It starts out as a standard crime drama but when the focus switches to Barbara (Jean Wallace) the dialogue gets a lot grittier and the final shootemup looks like something Welles might have come up with.
Fletcher Markle later turned up as host of the 60s CBC television series "Telescope".

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