Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day #21,498

Movie #1450 (#247 this year): Tell It To The Judge(1949, Norman Foster)

Every since seeing "Woman On The Run" I've been looking for any other Norman Foster pictures. This one is a little confusing. It's a nice breezy comedy with Rosalind Russell and Robert Cummings. Very charming. You would think that Foster's reputation could only go up after making this. So how did Norm go from this (at Columbia) to a B picture at Fidelity in just one year?
Well, whatever was the problem, it's a good thing because his "Woman On The Run" was quite a picture.

Movie #1451 (#248 this year): Akoibon(2005, Edouard Baer)

Do you remember the late 60s/early 70s? Remember those freaky movies they used to make back then? Edouard Baer remembers. So, in 2005, he has made another one! But it's already been done before. Why do it again?
Maybe because his parents named him after an obscure Canadian pop/rock band from the 60s? Maybe.

The real Edward Bear

Book #337 (#38 this year): Cursed To Death(Bill Crider, 1988)

Pleasant enough crime novel of likeable local sheriff trying to find out whodunit while dealing with other more mundane personal problems. It's OK but since I just finished a Richard Stark before this, it pales in comparison.

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