Friday, October 8, 2010

Day #21,478

Walk km 5918-5932 (15,546 to go): to Main Street Station/(skytrain)/Vanness/Chatham/Horley/Duchess/Ward/Slocan/34th/St Margaret's/37th/Gladstone/45th/Victoria/47th/Lanark/49th/Culloden/59th/Prince Albert/60th/Manitoba/68th/Manitoba/Kent/Yukon

Citroen Charleston
aprox km 5922 Chatham Street

Movie #1414 (#216 this year): Barbary Coast(1935, Howard Hawks)

Well made costume drama with plenty of good and evil action and Mariam Hopkins caught in the middle. Pretty much what you would expect. Kinda ho-hum.

Movie #1415 (#217 this year): Guilty As Charged(1991, Sam Irvin)

Poor Rod Steiger. This fellow has been a part of so many great movies. I didn't know that he had to appear in crap like this later in his career. This must have been very embarrassing for him.

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