Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day #21,476

Walk km 5896-5912: with Meetup Group from Science World to English Bay then around Stanley Park along the seawall and then overland. Then through Coal Harbour to Waterfront Station. Then home.

Meetup walking group
aprox km 5898 seawalk along False Creek

Book #334 (#35 this year): Here Comes A Candle(1950, Fredric Brown)

Freddy sure did have fun writing this one. He uses quite an assortment of narrative gimmicks. Part of the novel is a novel but other parts are a play, a sports report, newspaper clippings, a TV show etc. Sure, it's interesting but it also destroys the plot. So, with the plot gone, what's left: a bunch of style experiments that were no doubt more fun to write than they are to read.

Movie #1412 (#214 this year): These Are The Damned(1963, Joseph Losey)

I almost saw this one before. I recorded it off of TCM but the last couple of minutes were cut off. This time it's on Crackle and I was able to watch the whole thing through without any problems.
The greatest movie every made in England? Maybe. But the director was an American. And that director when on to direct the horrid "Modesty Blaise".
Loved the horrid "rock'n'roll" tune they were all singing/whistling at the start. Viveca Lindfors was smashing! Directed beautifully. Terrific plot. Not a bad word to say about this one. Even though I'd seen 99% of it before it was still just as thrilling the second time.

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